Strange Printer Driver Error Message: Please Help!

Jan 8, 2011
I have a strange but simple problem. For over ten years I have owned the world’s most reliable computer printer: a heavy-duty HP LaserJet 5N. It never breaks. This is the Maytag of printers. All the sudden it cannot be recognized by my laptop. I replaced the cable and tried again. Same issue. I also tried attached it on two other fully functioning laptops: same error message: “Windows couldn’t find software driver for your device.”

Someone told me to throw it away and buy a new one, but I don't think that's the point. The printer works perfectly; it just cannot be seen by the laptop.

Has anyone encountered this, or does anyone with an electrical background at least have an idea what this might be? I am not highly technical, but my suspicion is that there is an output voltage issue with the printer through the printer cable.

Please respond if you have any ideas. I love this printer, and it’s a real workhorse.

I’m new here, so thanks.


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